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trouble with stalling or firewalls...?
Last Updated 5 years ago

Some users have reported issues with installation when firewalls or two step internet connections are present. In a few cases the software stalls at the "Initialise Background Map" stage.

1. Please check out the IT information when setting up RiskScape in a firewalled environment.

2. Ask your IT department to configure the firewall to allow anything from the domain

3. Check Software: RiskScape is designed to be able to run when there is no internet connection. Check that RiskScape software is properly installed by disconnecting Wi-Fi and Ethernet network cables. Start RiskScape. The software should give map load error messages three times and then default to a user defined map. All the software functionality should be accessible after this, although the repository will show up empty.

4. By doing the following you can check the default WMS (map) service for RiskScape, which is LINZ's. Sometimes their service is down, so check that the Open Street Maps from Terrestris server is not offline, by putting the following URL into your browser:
If the service is available you should get an a page with a description and listing of all the layers (in XML format).

5. Sometimes the default server is down and the map wont load so RiskScape stalls. To try this fix start RiskScape in offline mode (see 3) While in offline mode  change the RiskScape default map server from Terrestris to a different server. After changing the default Map restart RiskScape with internet enabled.

6. Increase the internet connection timeout window to give RiskScape more time to find a connection.

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