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How do i get RiskScape to Run when it stalls?
Last Updated 3 years ago

There are two reasons for RiskScape to stall
1... There is a hidden window waiting for input that is preventing the software from running

2... Lack of Internet connectivity is preventing RiskScape from connecting to the license and map servers and repository. Without this connection the software will not run.

Some users have reported stalling issues particularly if they have multiple screens.

There are 3 pop up dialogs that appear when you first run RiskScape. You might also be prompted with a security check from your security software. The pop ups are:
a. The EULA accept dialog
b. RiskScape set workspace dialog
c. Log in with your riskscape username and password (or create new user dialog)
You should have seen all of these dialogs...

If you have not seen all these dialogs; it indicates that the initialisation is hanging waiting for the corresponding step. Please check to see if the dialog is "hiding" behind another window or on another screen/monitor. If you can not locate it, it is recommended that you uninstall/delete RiskScape and re-install. This time round, keep your focus on RiskScape and have a watchful eye open for those pop ups.

The license and map servers and repository are core functions for the RiskScape software. If the software is prevented from connecting to the internet you may get problems with the following:

-Software stalls
-Map doesn't load (map server down or internet not connected)
-Repository doesn't load or is empty

If internet connection is prevented by a firewall at your work you should get your IT department to set up the proxy settings by following the instructions here: This is often the case in local government and research institutions.

You can check general internet connectivity by using the previous link.
By doing the following you can check the default WMS (map) service for RiskScape, which is LINZ's. Sometimes their service is down, so let's check that the Open Street Maps from Terrestrisserver is not offline, by putting the following URL into your browser:
If the service is available you should get an a page with a description and listing of all the layers (in XML format).

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