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How do i uninstall RiskScape on Linux OS?
Last Updated 3 years ago

To uninstall RiskScape on a Linux machine it is ok to simply remove the folder from your installation directory. You would have chosen this directory at the time of installation (you might have installed it in /home for example). Please go to the folder above the RiskScape folder (RISKCAPEFOLDERNAME) and use
to remove the folder (recursively).

You will want to check your rsworkspace folder aswell:
1. that you have removed any old RiskScape modules or layers from this folder (these will need to be downloaded again with the new versions of each one from the repository in the new version)

2. you can keep your old scenarios but these may not work correctly with the new version due to changes in the underlying layers.

3. any self-made layers (eg. hazard layers that you have made) can be kept and converted to the new version using the converter tool in the new version. Please see the wiki for more info on this.

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