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I get a “Default WMS service is unavailable” message. What does it mean?
Last Updated 5 years ago

The default WMS service for RiskScape is Open Street Maps from Terrestris. Sometime their service is down, so you will have to bear with that.

To make sure this is indeed the issue, put the following URL into your browser:

If the service is available you should get a page with a description and listing of all the layers (in XML format-read with).

If the URL works, but the RiskScape Repository does not (it does not show a list of available layers from the Repository), then you may have an issue with proxy settings.

There a few other WMS service that are available "out of the box". Click on the icon in the map tool bar and it will present you with some choices. Since these are external services to RiskScape, we cannot guaranteed their 24/7 availability.

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